I.L.O. - A.R.T.E.P.

Workers remittances from India - a country report. Presented with Nata Duvvury, at the South Asian Sub Regional Seminar on Migrant Remittance and Development in South Asia, organized by I.L.O. - A.R.T.E.P. Colombo 3-5 August.

Institute of Social Science, New Delhi in 1996.

Planning for empowerment: the people’s campaign for decentralised planning in Kerala. Paper presented at the International Conference on Kerala’s Development: National and International Dimensions. New Delhi: Institute of Social Sciences. With K. N. Harilal

Montclair State University Faculty Seminar in 1998.

Decentralized planning in Kerala. Montclair State University Faculty Seminar. 10 November. Decentralized planning in Kerala. Drew University Economics Forum. 16 November Decentralized planning in Kerala. Columbia University South Asian Institute Seminar. 4 December.

Decentralised Planning in Calcutta in 1999.

Decentralised planning: the Kerala experience. Presented at Conference on Decentralized Planning. Calcutta. 4 January

Havens Centre University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2000.

Making of the Kerala Model of Development: The Role of Public Policy and Social Movements" January 25, 2000, 3:30PM, 8417 Social Sciences